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Otter Cams At the Seattle Aquarium, our marine mammals have been trained to move from one exhibit to another as needed to support animal management and so we may safely clean our exhibits. Manatee webcam Otter webcam Shark webcam (NEW!) The Sea Otter Cam will be on a holiday schedule on December 24, 25 and 31 and January 1. The animals will scent mark their favorite locations and Aquarium experts will occasionally introduce treats and new scents for the otters to discover. Friends of the Sea Otter is committed to and advocates for the conservation of sea otters and the preservation of their habitat through education, research, and policy decisions that will ensure the long-term survival of this species. They are vital in maintaining a delicate balance in the ecosystem. He was discovered near Kyuquot after a concerned member of the public heard him vocalizing overnight on July 2 and discovered a deceased adult sea otter in the area, presumed to be his mother, the next morning. Follow us on Twitter @friendsseaotter because we Tweet when we know that there are sea otters in view. We are dedicated to preserving sea otter populations and cannot do this without your help. var params={allowFullScreen:"true", allowScriptAccess: "always"}; Studying the population trends of river otters and the pollutants in their scat along the length of the Green-Duwamish River helped to establish a baseline understanding of the contaminant load under a range of conditions, including the current polluted state of the LDW. Enterprise streaming solutions. It is catching the whole playful affair, which will last a couple of weeks or so. camvars.domain = ""; Behind the Seas Highlight Tour Our Behind the Seas Highlight Tour offer a backstage look at our most popular exhibits. Florida is #1 in the world for loggerhead nests. //

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