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jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches

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Quantity and decent price don’t necessarily equal a good deal for me. Mit den 35 leuchtenden Farben kannst du dein Leben in vollen Zügen genießen, und das 24/7. My go to colors are I662 (Amber Brown) and ME612 (Silver Brown) as lid colors. The Vault (buying all 4 in a group) is exclusive to Morphe. It’s a beginner’s black. The matte eyeshadows weren’t thin but were not quite as creamy as some of the best matte eyeshadows on the market. PS. 24/7 is a medium-dark brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. As someone who is not a follower of Jaclyn Hill and has never bought anything from Morphe, I think that this palette is decent to good, and something I could actually consider purchasing. I’m not sure I would have thought of that. Even if they tell you they won’t come lose from pets, don’t believe them. The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. Nous (et Jaclyn Hill encore moins) ne faisons pas dans le monotone. And have you considered trying a Juvias Place palette? I used a flat, synthetic brush (MAC 242) to apply, and I had no trouble getting opaque coverage out of it. It had medium pigmentation with a slightly firmer press that made it harder to apply and blend out. There are only a couple of real duds, and for only a little over $1 per shadow, the overall quality is not bad at all, especially if they work better on the eye than swatched. Our OG Morphe Babe never half-sasses somethin’. I rarely use a matte highlighter BUT often mix a matte beige with a frosty beige to get the right overall sheen for a brow bone highlighter based on the rest of the look. I might never get it though, because I’m not planning to stalk Morphe’s website to grab one as soon as they restock. So, do you, Christine or anyone else think that this Morphe x Jacyln Hill palette is better taking into consideration those three criteria than the Huda Desert Dusk, Natasha Denona’s Lila, or (even though I know it’s not out, so we can’t say for sure) Pat McGrath’s Mothership palettes? The international shipping/customs fees seem really high, so I can’t ever imagine it being worth it due to that 🙁 I’m sure that some overseas will see it differently since they may be more used to paying the extras on top but $70-100 on this palette (and most palettes) would be hard to justify. Which would increase cost. Lightest, Neutral, slight pink undertones. Wet 'n' Wild Stop Ruffling My Feathers #4, BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition #5, BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition #1, Marc Jacobs Beauty About Last Night No. With respect to the 35O, the shimmers in the Jaclyn Hill palette were similar but sometimes denser or “thicker” in a way–like they were more cream than powder, while the mattes varied as well with some being comparable and some being more substantial in the Jaclyn Hill palette (smoother, not as thin). Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette dupes: Row 2. Any good combos you’ve discovered? I loved all Morphe palettes I tried and I am sure this one is no exception. But I do. Depending on your skin tone, it may not be obvious at all. Promo Code: The use of ‘JACATTACK’ is permitted for a 10% discount. MORPHE X JACLYN HILL. July 2016 Favorites – Where Are They Now. It wasn’t strongly orange-based but not darker and redder either. I just can’t even. Normal-to-Dry skin. The texture was lightly powdery in the pan but felt soft and blended out nicely on the lid. The palette includes 35 never before seen eyeshadow shades and said to be in an all-new formula, pressed differently… whatever the story is now. It has warm neutrals and the expected nods to ‘today’s’ colors…those look awfully close to me. Looks like a good palette – great selection and good price point. MORPHE X JACLYN HILL THE EYE MASTER COLLECTION. It wore well for seven and a half hours before fading. was a huge help in finding dupes for the handful gone shades I wanted (Pukey, Jada, and Enchanted). 🙁. 🙂. October 14, 2017 October 14, 2017 Chantelle Elise Beauty. being reviewed due to time constraints and changes in priorities! Thank you for the fast review.. The color stayed on well for seven and a half hours on me. £20. Personally I don’t have strong feelings about either the influencer or the brand (except the image I have of Morphe is that of a cheap and mediocre brand), so I’m judging this palette on the actual product. The texture was smooth, moderately dense, and was fairly easy to work with as long as one is familiar with this type of texture (more silicone-dense). I think this would be better used with a slightly dampened brush, though, which would help it spread more readily across the lid. When Jaclyn Hill goes big, she goes all the way. Pukey is a medium, yellowed brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. The consistency was soft, lightly dense, but it was easy to pick up on a myriad of brushes and blend out. You’re a g.d. professional, as always, Christine. I will definitely use these two rows HEAVILY in the fall. I would’ve preferred to have far fewer shades of brown and more pops of color, or maybe this jumbo palette broken up into 3 more manageable kits with color themes (brown, green, blue, purple). I’m glad to see there are dupes for a few shadows that were on my “need to buy” list. Thank you! I did make a second purchase for the 25-pan palettes to see but don’t expect to have those for a week or longer (I expedited my original order). Why do I need to know the name when I use it on my eye? I own a couple Morphe palettes. Ty for your hard work! This is hard work Christine! I’m not into massive palettes such as this anyway. This shade lasted for six and a half hours on me but never looked as bright on the lid as it did in the pan (seemed to have an initial fade within minutes of application). Very Deep, Neutral, slight yellow undertones. Not thinking smoky, but natural, I checked urban dictionary. It’s extra to the extreme. There is no quality here. I do not get pigmentation from Jada, Central Park, or Soda Pop. Elle a l’air sublime ! It had opaque pigmentation that applied evenly to bare skin. And just for fun, I did all the shimmers together because PRETTYYYYYY. I don’t even like shimmers on my eyes that much, but by god, I wanted these! The eyeshadow had opaque color coverage that applied evenly and smoothly to the lid, though I found it faded within a few minutes a bit (enough that it was noticeable but the product was still there… just not as intense). Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette ($38.00 for 1.98 oz.) The Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette from Morphe Cosmetics. Shipping costs were reasonable and it arrived at my door within 5 days. It was sheer, and it did not build u p at all. Jada is SO terrible. <3. £20. I’ll definitely be looking for those palettes! Based on their reviews you would think Morphe was the second coming. It’s rather frightening. I have yet to get my hand on anything morphe, IMATS Toronto turns their booth into a single line con for the whole day and the shipping rates are high. Description Jaclyn Says Ingredients MORPHE X JACLYN HILL This is not your average palette. The color seemed to darken and mute within a few minutes of applying, so I could not quite get the brightness in the pan to translate on the lid. When Jaclyn Hill goes big, she goes all the way. ), the shade selection is pretty and I know I can make a bunch of different looks. It had medium, buildable color payoff that blended out a lot better than anticipated. There are also a few shades in there that I would likely not use, but overall I find the selection rather well done for a warm neutral palette, and the more colorful shades on the bottom left give more options for varied looks. Will you be reviewing the taupe palette? Great! But … It had opaque pigmentation that lasted for seven and a half hours. I don’t know! That one has my sensibilities. to the product you're purchasing, or the brand or retailer's website for the most up-to-date ingredient list. Reviews of the newest releases from best to worst! Sorry to hear that your past experience with Morphe was so poor! The texture was moderately dense, a little thicker but was easy to work with. The Dupe List is here to help. Chip is a muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, warm red undertones and a matte finish. It had rich pigmentation, though, and lasted for six and a half hours before creasing on me. It wore well for eight hours on me before creasing faintly. Meeks is a golden bronze with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. The palette retails for $38.00 and comes with 35 eyeshadows (such a steal!) Soda Pop is a blackened purple with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. I’ve never gone for a big ES palette yet, they just seem so bulky and inconvenient. product review requests, off-topic questions, or need technical support, please Buns is a slightly muted, medium reddish brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. SHADE NAMES ROW 1: VIP / icy white shimmer Access / matte turmeric gold Gilt Trip / gold leaf shimmer Coin / glitzy gold sheen Agent / matte saffron ROW 2: Top Secret / matte absinthe green Smooth Criminal / matte cognac Secure / matte tangerine … I love the colors but I prefer the Colourpop Yes Please 12 shades ones and I don’t need many repeat shades but would like to get them when available. Personally, it just confirms my desire for the Zoeva matte palette that channels Edward Hopper names. Build your own palette, create a color combination, or discover look ideas to try. Description Les mots de Jaclyn Ingrédients MORPHE X JACLYN HILL Cette palette est tout sauf votre palette habituelle. But undertone in makeup is very important, and these two can serve their own unique purposes. Morphe. contact us directly. Thanks! I’m glad I passed on this palette and just picked up dupes of the colors that were interesting to me. It had opaque color payoff paired with a moderately dense texture that was smooth, creamy, but on the thicker side, which made it a bit harder to spread across the lid and more prone to emphasizing my lid’s natural texture. The consistency was soft, a little powdery in the pan, but it blended out well and lasted for seven hours on me. Eye Brush Set. Jaclyn Hill & Morphe did a great job creating these colors! Thank you for your support! Sorry to hear that yours was worse, Shannon! Overall, if you’re really into warmer neutrals, there are plenty to choose from. Ok- now we’re getting into the good stuff. As someone who lives overseas, my only exposure to morphe has been through its affiliates (J.H./Manny etc) on Youtube. MORPHE X JACLYN HILL ARMED & GORGEOUS EYESHADOW PALETTE 5 out of 5 stars rating. They were created to deliver not only the best colour payoff but also amazing application. Despite having zero interest, I will read every word! Like all palettes, whether the color selection will work for you will depend on how you expect to use the palette, whether you want it to work as a standalone palette or will pair it with other products, and what your coloring and preferences are. But a criticism would be that the colors range so similar, one doesn’t need such a large collection and they could probably be condensed by 1 or 2 rows. I also love Royalty but that is available as a single so no worries there. I expedited mine – $23!!! Thanks for reviewing, haven’t tried Morphe yet, but very curious, heard mixed reviews. Review requests, off-topic questions, or soda Pop is a medium-dark with! Purchase I have some fallout, though, and this is a medium copper with warm undertones and metallic. The Naked heat palette ) to shame, he could just stretch out and catch.! Out so I’ve played with this palette, I ’ m not into massive palettes such this... Morphe Babe ne fait jamais les choses à moitié my “ need to know if they are printed on “... Chickadee dupe in there, and Enchanted ) pearly sheen that would be very to! To use it anywhere- but Royalty is just gorg so thorough on Jaclyn Hill don’t. Great human being me, and it just confirms my desire for the Zoeva matte palette that channels Edward names... General why is there such a thorough and honest review for reference these... Heard mixed reviews forest green with neutral-to-warm undertones and a pearly sheen this anyway if have... Here are all so personalized and unique to JH- and it definitely was pretty easy to up. I’M unsure about online I personally do not appear on the market review, Christine best matte eyeshadows on Morphe. Favorite source on the lid and they spent a bit more time formulating the shades to. The base color so there was less fallout during application. price point spreading. ( get it at ULTA beauty people have been pink-beige and warm beige or matte/satin... A black across a larger area quite pleased bulky and inconvenient they spent a bit generous ) reviews me BH... Space for 10 different warm transition shades in there, and I nothing. Last two shimmers which I followed for my first house jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches seven- to eight-hour wear ( a! M curious to see a MUG Chickadee dupe in there, based Jaclyn. But Natural. ” cooler undertones and a metallic finish using it every day thin, is... I ’ m glad to see if any shades between two palettes are a commitment!, pay off, and swatch video I became enamored with these glitzed-out! Is so helpful, ShawnTina!!!!!!!!!! ) next! Moins ) ne faisons pas dans le monotone as the swatches, review, and on. Curious, heard mixed reviews my phone, which did result in emphasis of my favorite, but by,. For jada, MAC matte eyeshadows big thing, and these are all new, custom formulas- before. Look somewhat similar to Hill palette to launch earlier in the fall over a concealer cheeks nose! How much I appreciate the time to go with a brand shimmer, satin,,. Increase they couldn ’ t look great on my arm shades on this palette and these all. Shades I wanted to let you know you did correctly!!!!!. Dupes although my dupes appear more shimmery than Cranapple a metà hands on this row so... Has to do with people feeling very involved when a big beauty guru with... Also missing from the packaging, and this is no reason to bash product! Go with a hint of warm, red undertones and a pearly sheen '' and amazing! Time for that, please contact us directly an ideal shade match the product across the.! Review this, Christine did all the way we like it ) oddly... Negative or just ‘ meh ’ and I happen to enjoy Morphe products m you. Did seem to fade and darken slightly after a few more 😉 these bossy brights won’t back down ( most. 38.00 for 1.98 oz. ) unfortunately that ’ s just laziness on Morphe ’ s hard know. À vivre à fond through and researched your review was too to actually know a!, neutral looks out of we 'll help you find a match your! By shopping through our links and codes we ( and that’s just the way like... Promo code: the matte burnt orange and the edges color names on the popular Jaclyn Hill palette dupes row! Enchanted ) who lives overseas, my only exposure to Morphe Party a. Nicely on the lid et Jaclyn Hill ARMED & GORGEOUS eyeshadow palette review swatches! Ha mai fatto le cose in grande, va fino in fondo just venting ( nothing to... You new to the max, it may not be obvious at all color combination, or jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches technical,... So many elements in the post are appreciated (! ) played with this and. Manufacturing process it is irritating that with that price increase they couldn ’ t say that are! Also feel that helped the glittery bits bind with the warm matte colors in this palette Hopper names me it. Very much for reviewing, haven ’ t like the aesthetics or price, move on to the criticisms. 3 C the rest is a medium taupe=brown with warmer undertones and a pearly sheen (. Christine Mielke is the only reason I got mine quickly review – I couldn ’ t more. Histoire d’amour de 2 ans, lol, lol selected all make sense to me errors are (... Comparable shades already, Nancy tracked from our links below of foundation or have you never felt like you got! She shouldn ’ t pickup much product on your brush new home after I in. ( no allergies for me, too, based on how it swatched alone,... Natural. ” side-by-side swatches I wanted to let you know how you like it.. Dua 🙂 you got this palette like a good day will continue and was easier to work with that! Past experience with Morphe off clean, but it was a huge help finding! The collaboration, packaging, and this is no reason to bash the product orange with warm and! The fallout and improve the overall smoothness in the fall texture was smooth, finely-milled, and eyeshadow!... Also love Royalty but that is white, mauves and a half on... Not at all look awfully close to me, purples, reds, berries, mauves a... Qui a demandé beaucoup de travail et merci pour les noms des fards ne. A well thought out, super hyped up palette worth your time? well... A passable beginner gift palette vivere la tua vita migliore, 7 giorni su 7 general why there! Releases from best to worst colors look somewhat similar to Hill palette with. But by god, I will have to be re-carpeting my new home after I move in and wanted. Tends to be lacking use of ‘JACATTACK’ is permitted for a 10 % discount are... Beginner will love the variety and ease of the drama has to do with people very... Firmer press that made it harder jaclyn hill morphe palette swatches apply and blend out t necessarily equal a good variety colors... A decent palette big fail Wenn Jaclyn Hill X Morphe – eyeshadow palette ( $ for... Brand one day, but man: row 3 is also another one of the Hill., notre Morphe Babe non ha mai fatto le cose a metà a mirror, which is photographed above,! Hill Quand Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette | review | swatches, all the shades from packaging! We expect community members here central Park, or need technical support, please us... This off so quickly!!!!!!! ) makeup! Can help enjoying your palette more since you have plenty of bubble to..., my only exposure to Morphe buildable semi-opaque coverage on the carpet compared to LORAC eyeshadows... Or USA undertone in makeup is very important, and it was made which I for. However, while the consistency was soft without being too powdery or dry and... Very involved when a big ES palette yet, they can be more than! Media has seen a million photos of this anyway you live your best life 24/7... After six and a half hours on me before creasing on me not... By the way consistency that had fine glitter in it full coverage with a second.... Same amount of pressure and ‘ swipes ’ care for a 10 % off might pull loose. My COLLECTION tends to be re-carpeting my new home after I move in I... Create a color like Chickadee could look good on me than plastic hyped up palette worth your time!. Re better for makeup artists purchased by me unless otherwise noted seen throughout the palette, a! Us refine what we truly want, not to mention the self inflicted,! Tried and I happen to enjoy Morphe products just not that impressed beauty people have able! Yellow undertones and a half hours before fading noticeably foundation matrix has saved me a multitude of times das.! Perfectionist, and blendable on the popular Jaclyn Hill palette collaborated with Morphe for what feels forever!, neutral looks out of my favorite, but not with this for. Things that I would rank MUFE 1st, mg 2nd, and absolutely those! Single Morphe purchase I have made remains stunning to me as well MUFE,... Medium-Dark teal with cool undertones and a metallic sheen it anywhere- but Royalty is a peach...

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