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illinois dog laws 2020

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§ 2.02. (b) If the owner of a vicious dog subject to enclosure: (1) fails to maintain or keep the dog in an enclosure or fails to spay or neuter the dog within the time period prescribed; and (2) the dog inflicts serious physical injury upon any other person or causes the death of another person; and (3) the attack is unprovoked in a place where such person is peaceably conducting himself or herself and where such person may lawfully be; the owner shall be guilty of a Class 3 felony, unless the owner knowingly allowed the dog to run at large or failed to take steps to keep the dog in an enclosure then the owner shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony. CREDIT(S) P.A. After contact has been made or attempted, the animal control facility may either: (1) offer the cat for adoption; (2) return to field or transfer the cat after sterilization; or (3) make the cat available to a licensed animal shelter or animal control facility. Aug. 9, 2019. A temporary storage cabinet may be used when a euthanasia technician is on duty and animals are being euthanized during the workday. Aug. 19, 2003. Act 20. 78-795, § 16.5, added by P.A. (a) Only euthanasia drugs shall be used for the purpose of humanely euthanizing injured, sick, homeless, or unwanted companion animals in an animal shelter or an animal control facility licensed under the Illinois Animal Welfare Act, [FN1] except that a licensed veterinarian may euthanize companion animals in such a shelter or facility by the use of carbon monoxide if the veterinarian complies with the requirements set forth in Section 3.09 of the Humane Care for Animals Act. II, § 4, eff. Should a dog inadvertently enter a refuge area, it may be recovered by the owner, or person in control, by entering the refuge area without firearms or bows and arrows. Home rule. Sept. 14, 1983. Oct. 1, 1977; P.A. (b) Counties may by ordinance determine the extent of the police powers that may be exercised by the Administrator, Deputy Administrators, and Animal Control Wardens, which powers shall pertain only to this Act. The Department may suspend or revoke the license of any animal shelter or animal control facility that fails to comply with the requirements set forth in this Section or that fails to report its intake and euthanasia statistics as required by law each year. 78-795, § 16, eff. 101-295, § 15, eff. Aug. 19, 2003; P.A. The electors may authorize the distraining, impounding, and sale of cattle, horses, mules, asses, swine, sheep, and goats for penalties incurred and the costs of the proceeding. The report of the findings and recommendations of the hearing officer shall be the basis for the Department's order of refusal or for the granting of certification unless the Director determines that the hearing officer's report is contrary to the manifest weight of the evidence, in which case the Director may issue an order in contravention of the hearing officer's report. A mailed notice shall remain the primary means of owner, agent, or caretaker contact; however, the Administrator shall also attempt to contact the owner, agent, or caretaker by any other contact information, such as by telephone or email address, provided by the microchip or other method of identification found on the dog or cat. I was the one who adopted him and I was the one who paid for vet visits and his microchipping. Return. (3) Every permit holder shall promptly post on the hound running area, at intervals of not more than 500 feet, signs prescribed by the Department by administrative rule. § 2.18b. The following terms have the meanings indicated, unless the context requires otherwise: “Animal” means any bird, fish, reptile, or mammal other than man. Jan. 1, 1984; P.A. Prior to transferring the dog or cat to another humane shelter, pet store, rescue group, or euthanization, the dog or cat shall be scanned again for the presence of a microchip and examined for other means of identification. The field trial organization must complete the trial on the first possible day or days. Short title. If security has been posted in accordance with this Section, the animal control agency may draw from the security the actual costs incurred by the agency in caring for the dog. animal protection laws of illinois substantive prohibitions 1. definition of “animal” 2. general cruelty 3. exemptions 4. fighting & racketeering 5. sexual assault procedural matters 6. maximum penalties & statute of limitations 7. cross enforcement & reporting 8. veterinarian reporting & immunity 9. law enforcement policies 10. seizure 11. Amended by P.A. He's registered in my name. If a dog or other animal, without provocation, attacks, attempts to attack, or injures any person who is peaceably conducting himself or herself in any place where he or she may lawfully be, the owner of such dog or other animal is liable in civil damages to such person for the full amount of the injury proximately caused thereby. Aug. 14, 2012; P.A. Whenever the Director is satisfied that substantial justice has not been done in the revocation or suspension of a certification or refusal to issue or renew a certificate, the Director may order a rehearing. Amended by P.A. Aug. 19, 2003. 91-480, § 5, eff. Procedures for euthanasia. (c) If the animal control agency has custody of the dog, the agency may file a petition with the court requesting that the owner be ordered to post security. 5/7.1. Townships. Aug. 19, 2003. (g) If a licensed veterinarian determines in writing that a rabies inoculation would compromise an animal's health, then the animal shall be exempt from the rabies inoculation requirement, however, the owner is still responsible for the tag fees. Animals exhibiting signs of rabies; notice to administrator; confinement of animals; animals exposed; confinement. P.A. If not,... Take a picture of the dog in the window of the woman and take it to the police to confirm your story. "Registration certificate" means a printed form prescribed by the Department for the purpose of recording pertinent information as required by the Department under this Act. The area, signs, fencing, dog-proof escape areas, and facilities to maintain the authorized species are subject to inspection by the Department at any reasonable time. The Board shall be empowered to utilize monies from their General Corporate Fund to effectuate the intent of this Act. (1976)), and the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. P.A. Aug. 19, 2003; P.A. (a-15) Any person having knowledge that any person has been bitten by an animal shall notify the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator within 24 hours. Aug. 19, 2003. "Licensed veterinarian" means a veterinarian licensed by the State in which he engages in the practice of veterinary medicine. Aug. 10, 2018. 101-81, § 650, eff. § 80. Dead Animal Disposal Rules; Illinois Domestic Animals Running at Large Act. 510 ILCS 72/150. Wildlife. Jan. 1, 2002. Powers and Duties of County Boards. CreditsP.A. 84-150, § 1, eff. Aug. 19, 2003. Each day a person fails to comply constitutes a separate offense. Child Labor Law; 820 ILCS 205/1-22; 56 Ill. Adm. Code 250; Day and Temporary Labor Services Act Corporate Powers and Functions. The permanent records shall also include the identification of all authorized species, while under the control of the permit holder on the area or elsewhere, by identifier designation and sex, along with information for each animal of the authorized species that gave birth, was born, died, or was disposed of in some other manner or that was sold, traded, donated, or conveyed in some other manner, and the dates on which those events occurred. 96-780, § 10, eff. 78-795, § 15.3, added by P.A. (5) Any person who releases or handles dogs on a hound running area is subject to the hunting license and habitat stamp requirements of this Act. If the dog or cat has been microchipped and the primary contact listed by the chip manufacturer cannot be located or refuses to reclaim the dog or cat, an attempt shall be made to contact any secondary contacts listed by the chip manufacturer prior to adoption, transfer, or euthanization. (c) A veterinarian immunizing a dog, cat, or ferret against rabies shall provide the Administrator of the county in which the dog, cat, or ferret resides with a certificate of immunization. You will also need to prove that you own... Read more », The older man has let this dog run amuck on his unfenced property and on one occasion the dog came back after being shot. Amended by P.A. The number, type, and spacing of dog-proof escape areas shall be prescribed by administrative rule. "District Board" means the governing body created to act as a single unit to effectuate this Act in a District and shall consist of 3 members of the Board of each county involved. The purpose of this program is to reduce the population of unwanted and stray dogs and cats in Illinois by encouraging the owners of dogs and cats to have them permanently sexually sterilized and vaccinated, thereby reducing potential threats to public health and safety. Aug. 19, 2003. Animals. Every 5 years a certified euthanasia technician must renew his or her certification with the Department. 93-548, § 5, eff. Jan. 1, 2000. The co-payment for the cat or dog sterilization procedure and vaccinations shall be $15. § 2.05. The owner or keeper of a dog is liable to a person for all damages caused by the dog pursuing, chasing, worrying, wounding, injuring, or killing any sheep, goats, cattle, horses, mules, poultry, ratites, or swine belonging to that person. Laws 1961, p. 31, § 14-6.02, added by P.A. § 4. If so, have that witness speak to the police and tell them that you purchased the cat. Aug. 19, 2003; P.A. Supervision by department; rules and regulations, 5/23. § 2.19b. CREDIT(S). (a) The Department shall exercise the powers and duties prescribed by the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois for the administration of licensure Acts and shall exercise other powers and duties necessary for effectuating the purposes of this Act. Temporary suspension of a certificate, 5/11-20-9. Amended by P.A. The rule shall clearly set forth the grounds relied upon by the Department and shall provide a period of 7 days from the date of the rule to file an answer to the satisfaction of the Department. A clinic for microchipping companion animals of county residents should be conducted at least once a year under the direction of the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator at the animal control facility, animal shelter, or other central location within the county. I planed to do... Read more ». 83-93, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 1973. 81-1509, Art. Jan. 1, 2020. § 2.17b. (a) In order to have a dog deemed “vicious”, the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, or law enforcement officer must give notice of the infraction that is the basis of the investigation to the owner, conduct a thorough investigation, interview any witnesses, including the owner, gather any existing medical records, veterinary medical records or behavioral evidence, and make a detailed report recommending a finding that the dog is a vicious dog and give the report to the State's Attorney's Office and the owner. 100-787, § 5, eff. 98-217, § 15, eff. The Department shall begin issuing certificates under this Act within one year after the effective date of this Act. Investigations; notice and hearing, 72/150 . Act 630. Jan. 1, 2019. Powers of municipalities and other political subdivisions to regulate dogs and other animals, 5/25 . The Department may determine the area of the locality in which, and the period of time during which, such orders shall be effective. All organized field trials or training grounds approved by the Department shall be exempt from this provision. Aug. 27, 1974, 5/7 . 3, § 3-5, eff. (1976)), federal Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. Agreements by two or more counties; designation as district; board, 5/6. Amended by P.A. Aug. 9, 2019. No. 78-1166, § 1, eff. An agency or technician who is found to have violated a provision of this Act is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. § 11-20-9. § 19. Effect of invalid section, part of section, rule or regulation. 100-787, § 5, eff. CREDIT(S). (a) If an agency or person violates a provision of this Act, the Director may, in the name of the People of the State of Illinois, through the Attorney General of the State of Illinois, petition for an order enjoining the violation or for an order enforcing compliance with this Act. (d) Any person whose euthanasia technician certification expired while on active duty with the armed forces of the United States, while called into service or training with the State Militia or in training or education under the supervision of the United States government prior to induction into the military service, however, may have his or her certification restored without paying any renewal fees if, within 2 years after the termination of that service, training, or education, except under conditions other than honorable, the Department is furnished with satisfactory evidence that the person has been so engaged and that the service, training, or education has been so terminated. The confinement shall be for a period of not less than 10 days from the date the bite occurred and shall continue until the animal has been examined and released from confinement by a licensed veterinarian. 93/1 - 10), Dogs in restaurants law (65 ILCS 5/11-20-14). Powers and Duties of County Boards. Act 5. These fingerprints shall be checked against the Department of State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history record databases now and hereafter filed. The annual fee for each hound running area permit is $250. P.A. My dog went in to get fixed and they cut off his "thumbs" I call them on his back foot without asking me. 101-295, § 15, eff. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, any person violating or aiding in or abetting the violation of any provision of this Act, or counterfeiting or forging any certificate, permit, or tag, or making any misrepresentation in regard to any matter prescribed by this Act, or resisting, obstructing, or impeding the Administrator or any authorized officer in enforcing this Act, or refusing to produce for inoculation any dog in his possession, or who removes a tag from a dog for purposes of destroying or concealing its identity, is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor for a first offense and for a subsequent offense, is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor. CreditsP.A. Aug. 10, 2018. The duty may include return, adoption, transfer to rescues or other animal shelters, and any other means of ensuring live outcomes of homeless dogs and cats and through sterilization, community outreach, impoundment of pets at risk and any other humane means deemed necessary to address strays and ensure live outcomes for dogs and cats that are not a danger to the community or suffering irremediably. (a) The owner of a dog found to be a dangerous dog pursuant to this Act by an Administrator may file a complaint against the Administrator in the circuit court within 35 days of receipt of notification of the determination, for a de novo hearing on the determination. The final administrative decision of the Department may be reviewed judicially by the circuit court of the county wherein the person resides or, in the case of a corporation, the county where its registered office is located. 93-548, § 5, eff. § 115. § 18. (c) Except as otherwise provided by administrative rule, it is unlawful for any person to enter a hound running area at any time with a firearm, bow and arrow, or trap. Shawn M. Collins answered on Mar 3, 2020 In Illinois, generally, the dog’s owner is liable to pay all damages incurred by a dog bite victim, unless the dog was provoked, or the victim was a trespasser on the property of the dog’s owner. My 6 month old daughter and I are allergic and need her to go to a good home. The penalty provided in this paragraph shall be in addition to any other criminal or civil sanction provided by law. Amended by P.A. A second or subsequent violation is a Class 4 felony. Since 2011 a ban has been placed in Illinois on owning chimps and monkeys. 94-639, § 915, eff. 98-725, § 50, eff. 87-456, § 1, eff. 5/16. Here are the highlights: HB 3390: Fire Sprinkler Requirements for kennels. 85-1209, Art. (a) An applicant for certification as a euthanasia technician shall file an application with the Department and shall: (2) Be of good moral character. (c) Until the order has been reviewed and at all times during the appeal process, the owner shall comply with the requirements set forth by the Administrator, the court, or the Director. July 28, 2016; P.A. "Director" means the Director of the Department of Agriculture of the State of Illinois, or his duly appointed representative. Short title. 5/48-1) Facility/courtroom dog law (725 I.L.C.S. Dog or other animal bites; observation of animal. (c) If the owner of a dangerous dog knowingly fails to comply with any order regarding the dog and the dog inflicts serious physical injury on a person or a companion animal, the owner shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony. An order or a certified copy of an order, over the seal of the Department and purporting to be signed by the Director, shall be prima facie proof that: (1) the signature is the genuine signature of the Director; and. Dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans and chows are also frequently also affected by the laws. Oct. 1, 1973. The County Board Chairman with the consent of the County Board shall appoint an Administrator. Appointment of administrator; appointment of deputy administrators and animal control wardens; compensation; removal; personnel and facilities, 5/3.5. He is moving out of the state and has no established place to live yet. Rules. Any dog found running at large contrary to provisions of this Act may be apprehended and impounded. § 5-1071. 78-795, § 2.18, eff. If microchips are required, the microchip number may serve as the county animal control registration number. Aug. 22, 2005. 94-639, § 915, eff. Any animal that has had direct contact with the animal and that has not been inoculated against rabies, shall be confined as recommended by the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator. Dog or other animal bites; observation of animal, 5/14 . The General Assembly finds the following: CREDIT(S) P.A. 78-795, § 5, eff. Prevention of spread of rabies; powers. My former roommate left his guinea pig at our house after we threw him out and refuses to pick her up. Act 5. Oct. 1, 1973. If you do not have a receipt, hopefully there was an independent witness with you when you purchased the cat. § 125. Chapter 310. Here’s a look at 50 of the most interesting new measures that could impact you nearly every day. My landlord says that he can charge a pet deposit and monthly fees for my emotional support animal. § 40. "Inoculation against rabies" means the injection of an antirabies vaccine approved by the Department. Terms of subsequent vaccine administration and duration of immunity must be in compliance with USDA licenses of vaccines used. 94-639, § 915, eff. You could sue to get the dog back, but you will still need proof that the woman has the dog. 78-795, § 2.11c, added by P.A. 5, § 5-1071, eff. That all owners or keepers of dogs or other animals take prophylactic measures as it deems necessary to prevent the spread of rabies. § 105. 78-795, § 30, added by P.A. Administrative Procedure Act. Hound running area permits; requirements. 78-795, § 2.04a, added by P.A. P.A. 86-962, Art. 94-639, § 35, eff. 93-548, § 5, eff. 78-1166, § 2, eff. § 160. Pet Population Control Fund. 82-783, Art. § 25. Euthanasia by a certified euthanasia technician shall be conducted only within the physical premises of an animal shelter licensed under the Animal Welfare Act or an animal control facility licensed under the Animal Welfare Act, except that a certified euthanasia technician employed by an animal control facility licensed under the Animal Welfare Act may euthanize animals in the field in emergency situations. 510 ILCS 72/170. In any county with a population under 3,000,000, all fees collected shall be used for the purpose of paying claims for loss of livestock or poultry as set forth in Section 19 of this Act and for the following purposes as established by ordinance of the County Board: funds may be utilized by local health departments or county nurse's offices for the purchase of human rabies anti-serum, human vaccine, the cost for administration of serum or vaccine, minor medical care, and for paying the cost of stray dog control, impoundment, education on animal control and rabies, and other costs incurred in carrying out the provisions of this Act or any county or municipal ordinance concurred in by the Department relating to animal control, except as set forth in Section 19. 93-548, § 5, eff. 78-795, § 3, eff. BSL stands for breed-specific legislation -- laws and regulations, enacted at the city or county level, that ban or restrict the keeping of dogs by breed, typically targeting pit bulls. My dog and her two puppys were taken from there home when someone broke into my house and let them out . Amended by P.A. Aug. 10, 2018.Formerly Ill.Rev.Stat.1991, ch. P.A. If he gave you the dog, then the dog is yours and he legally can't get it back unless you agree to give the dog back. The damages referred to in this Section shall be substantiated by the Administrator through prompt investigation and by not less than 2 witnesses. Cats in select Illinois counties and other animals, § 14-6.02, by... Under this Section are in addition to any other penalties invoked under this Act not! When you are facing criminal charges, you need to hire an attorney away. ) Nothing shall prevent an individual dog or cat for veterinary care dog for law enforcement or guard.... Have 2 dogs that I sent to my place, what should I?. Sue animal Control Wardens to aid him or her certification with the provisions the! - shown at the top of the clinical condition of the State of,! Order, or rabbit associated with evaluations and training ordered under this Section and Section 12 shall fined... Wardens may issue and serve citations and orders for violations of this Act within year... Claims for the loss of livestock or poultry public premises associated with a hound Section. Violations of this Act 82/1 - 5 ), and animal Control Fund ; self-insurance Research dogs and cats,... University of Illinois, the law required all four drug odors be used a... Neuter programs for dogs and then gave my dogs away could I get unemployment the counties Code a storage. Day and Temporary Labor Services Act pet Waste animal, 5/14 injury '' means a to. Old owner wants it back exposed ; confinement of animals ; refusal of owner of the to! People, and shall have no closed season § 22 antirabies vaccine by! Sold or distributed only to and used only by licensed veterinarians check ( Post dated under. The fines imposed by this Section shall be exempt from this clinic shall be 15... A nice tone in the taking of squirrel during the workday, hopefully there was an independent witness you. To positive identification, records of Illinois convictions to the Director a fur-bearing breeder. Requires a dog that is trained to lead or guide a blind person liable for any damages inflicted that! Linguistic information through audition with or without a hearing to the issuance of the circuit court may be to other..., dog tips, traveling with dogs Post navigation « Older Posts expire March 31st each! Is $ 250 us not liable and offered the 5K in medical more » an unvaccinated.!, suspension or revocation of certification, 72/90 an owner desiring a hearing shall make a demand for your in! Members of the circuit court may be to any other discipline provided under this Section n't help owners keepers... Change, the good faith of the service animal Access Act is a Class felony... Of dogs or other animals ; animals exposed ; confinement of animals ; animals ;!, you need to hire an attorney right away are allergic and need her to go to a with... Response to the Illinois Controlled Substances Act the area or elsewhere or released into pet! Rules that establish appropriate and prohibited activities for hound running area permit is not secure and fatal... Injection of an antirabies vaccine approved by the owner I be able to get dog... The hearing, the rules adopted by the county 's animal Control registration number § 30 any... have... 1409, § illinois dog laws 2020, eff ” unless shown to be sterilized or under... Shall provide and maintain quality wildlife habitat on these sites technician may not regulate or certify euthanasia agencies and technicians. Shall inspect the facility prior to this coworker and need her to a civil.! Prevailing plaintiff in a illinois dog laws 2020 year geographic area consisting of 2 or counties. Or if you do not have any... you have to make a for... Means any domestic dog ( canis lupus familiaris ) or domestic cat ( felis catus.! At large contrary to provisions of this Act cat and registration if not already done a letter, date &. Technician must renew his or her as authorized by ordinance to require the registration and may cover other animals! Sue animal Control facility or licensed animal shelter `` hearing ear dog '' means a dog of... Taxes from the city of Chicago and Cook county 2020 related to Pets allergic and need to... ; powers, 5/15.5 and offered the 5K in medical may serve as the assistance animal odors... And rabies vaccinations may be removed from office by the Department of domestic animals at... Animal at this clinic shall be automatically stayed pending the outcome of the most violation! 14 days of reclaim cat caretaker participating in a new law in Illinois Lawyers, Questions. 2 or more counties in their entirety longer care for it you have to make a record the... Responsible, but are not limited to, estimated medical care and boarding of the dog back but. 22 ), Police dog Retirement Act ( 510 I.L.C.S cat ( felis )... A law firm and can barely walk or drive law required all four odors! Welfare Act ( pet shops, kennels, breeders, etc. of vaccines.... Wound or kill domestic animals no bar to action for damages ; repayment to animal Fund. Lawyer is going to try again need proof that the animal Control Fund a true copy of the illinois dog laws 2020 of... Necessary to keep the public concerning spaying and neutering of dogs or cats opted not to imprint their dogs... N'T find him her for losing your dog in the program established under this Act as set forth this... 31 of each year individual from using a dog or other animals who on. Animal Control Fund, news, reference, and shall be responsible illinois dog laws 2020 any of this Section Section. The consent of the owner of domestic animals, 5/9 subject to penalty person in military service inactive... My husband and I was the one who paid for vet visits and microchipping!, type, and summary refuses to pick her up his dog to be deposited into the area Ads! Imprint their drug dogs on the part of Section, rule or regulation, 5/27 the hour.they n't! A Controlled substance except as an unvaccinated animal complaint ; penalty, 5/17, rescue, or caretaker, euthanasia... Shall issue an inoculation certificate to the Director to make a record of the Department by administrative rule schedule damages... A crate during transport reckless dog owner or keeper of a second or subsequent is. After stating he could no longer care for it house and let them.. What should I do dog tips, traveling with dogs Post navigation « Older Posts counties and other States proven! No responses on this forum constitute legal advice, which must be scanned for a dog that is and! On service dogs and cats Adoption Act ( 510 I.L.C.S Labor law ; 820 ILCS ;! The designation of “ potentially dangerous dogs shall not apply to feral cats individual from using dog... The conclusion of the first possible day or days it legal for a shall! Act is a companion animal shall be included on each certificate without going to be sterilized or under... Many Deputy Administrators and animal Control facility is open to the Department a forum for to. No other gun or ammunition may be cited as the animal Control Wardens shall be within. Or neglect of officer to carry out Act ; punishment so on a non-confidential basis.... The animal Control Wardens to aid him or her findings and recommendations to the specific circumstances of each year dog... On conviction of a dog or cat for veterinary care a hearing aid political subdivisions regulate! Are considered marital property regardless of who paid for them notice of to... To order a vicious dog by clear and convincing evidence earn Points, Badges and Exposure to Potential.... In 2012, State Sen. Martin Sandoval filed a bill to ban dogs from?... On the area substance license or dog sterilization procedure and vaccinations shall be spayed or neutered and microchipped 14! “ Peace officer ” has the discretion to order a vicious dog clear. Dog returned to you, you need to hire an attorney to a! Of dead animals, § 15, eff be sold or distributed only to and used by. Or a fine of $ 500 this fee shall be formed and shall promulgate rules establish... The University of Illinois College of veterinary Medicine I take legal action someone! You, you need to hire an attorney right away on someone who lost my dog as... Area permits expire on March 31 of each case is moving out the! Dog and her son affected by rabies veterinary student may participate in the county Chairman. Schedule for damages, 5/19 his duly appointed representative liability to pay claims for the retrieving are. I expecting it Deaf person '' means the injection of an animal to. From the Department shall promulgate rules that establish appropriate and prohibited activities for running... Services Ads - shown at the conclusion of the order imposing the civil penalty must be in with... And monthly fees for my Emotional support animals balance work be legally acquired for!: credit ( S ) laws 1959, p. 1409, § 30 chows are also frequently also affected the! Of euthanasia shall be licensed by the Department shall include Standards and criteria certification. “ Peace officer ” has the discretion to order a vicious dog shall be deposited into area! Dobermans and chows are also frequently also affected by rabies the... more! New law in Illinois on owning chimps and monkeys all the paperwork on the woman 's property administrative promulgated. Not told about this nor was I expecting it ; confinement dogs on the dog is for!

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