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asus laptop key fell off

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was a pain in the but to find it without them but they all work wonderfully now! Once it’s in place, use your finger nail or some tweezers to gently pull the other end into place. I just don’t know what to do. This is a really awesome and helpful site. Don’t give up. That’s it. I still have the enter key but don’t know how to put it back on. Thanks in advance. i repair computers every day and trust me the new keyboard is easier than a single key, I have a laptop gateway and every time I Press the G bottom on the keyboard the H bottom is being display or every time I hit the U bottom the Y appear on my documents. he might have murdered me for letting it get busted i didn’t realize that i would have to push as hard as i did to get it to snap back on. im switching to geico. Thank you! a drink (gin & tonic) fell on my vaio keyboard and the keys stayed pressed for a couple of seconds. That’s Great info- Thanks! WOOOOW man, this is 4 real one of the coolest pieces of advice I have ever gotten off other people’s experiences!! Wonderful! You can remove the membrane from a key you don’t use. Thanks a lot! lol. For those with the shift key issue, I managed to get mine back on by leaving the bar attached to the key then slipping the ends of the bar into the loops on the keyboard. my (s) came of the keyboard but the only problem is that the key is a bit stiff and doent look the smame as the others. La informacion esta super bien! I tried for an hour or 2 the other day to repair 3 keys after my 2 year old had a go the laptop, i was going mad. Can I just pop a key off and clean under it and then pop it back on? You say “Carefully remove the key cap with your fingers.”… How do I do that without braking anything? thank you for good advices, with good pictures! ASUS Laptop Replacement Loose Keys. Thank You for the deatiled demonstration of the procedure. doezn’t work for me :(( HP laptopz zuck!!! . It still drops off but I think I strained it before I found your article. vvvvvvvv That’s my v key working properly! Right above the place where it should be. i had four keys that had been coming off for a month now and i just was able to fix the problem. One of my laptop keys fell off and the round rubber thing you use to snap the key back on also fell off. The pictures helped tremendously!! Was able to put the keys back myself! I am glad to see I can fix the membrane and get replacement retainers. God bless you. This treatment does not work. my laptops space key wont reconnect correctly . How To Disable A Laptop Keyboard [Step-by-Step] Disable Laptop Keyboard When External Plugged In (Windows – Temporary) To use this method, you must also have an external mouse as it will disable your laptop’s trackpad along with your keyboard.Use this method while you have your external keyboard and mouse plugged in. by the way this is a GREAT tutorial thanks so much! Killer price, too. LOL… my 6 yr old popped it off, he said it just “fell off” hahahahaha… . Hope you receive well deserved satisfaction from helping so many with this. Besides what’re hinted, maybe a final(or temporary) way: Use on screen keyboard? I used just a little bit of regular $1 superglue and it worked fine for me. This was very helpful! Thanks you so much. So simple when you have a little help from someone who knows! Thank you for this! My ENTER key came off my Toshiba laptop and with you help it is back in place and functions well. =). i have no idea how to put parts backtogether by order. i fixed it! The key is in place and working but the retainer is not in the clip. It a Toshiba P205. There are little ears that are missing compared to other retainers. Think I will take said dog on a walk now, to lower blood pressure and reacquaint myself with the fact that I really DO love this idiot dog. Do you have any idea what I should do? Please read my prior post to see in detail how I was able to successfully reassemble the two parts of my retainer and fix my detached HP/Compaq Presario’s key. These instructions saved my sanity. PLEASE HELP AS I HAVE ONLY HAD MY LAPTOP SINCE CHRISTMAS! i using a lenovo laptop pls help. My N key had stopped functioning (junk underneath), and I knew the right answer was to pop off the key (our cockatiel does it, why can’t I? wat should i do? The pictures were helpful and the idea to use a “useless” key great. This really worked thanks a lot for the help. I searched the responses on the sight but could not see the response for fixing the shift key on a Lenovo laptop. Yeah right. Now my key snapped back into place and has worked just fine for now! Easily replaced the key. On a whim, I decided I’d Google to see if there was something I was missing. This saved me a repair bill. (some water under pressure remove garbit) You can find the replacement keyboard on ebay for about $30-35. It was a headahce just to remember where they went, lol. I had my v key snap off on accident the problem was that the two small metal hooks on the bottom broke off, I don’t feel like replacing a keyboard for one key is there anything to do to fix this one key take the keyboard out install new metal hook or something like that? On my laptop, both halves looked exactly the same if you flipped them over. I fixed it myself! Hey thanks man.. So, for me the key is useless. Help me please. Skip this step on a MacBook or any other keyboard that doesn't use key pads. i just broke the *o* key on the keyboard to the laptop. I tried putting it back but I had a hard time, so I searched in the internet and found this website. It was not until I assembled the retainer and keypad together the off the laptop that I realised I was trying the do it back to front. Thanks this was a great help. I successfully fixed back my laptop keyboard key. Your baby is strong! Took me 15 minutes but I did it. Thank you!! dat’s good. hi . How about when the 2 white small things don’t exist ? HELPPPP!!! Any pictures or video that could help specifically for this left key? You cannot fix it. congrats to their effort and a b i g “thanks” Thanks so much for this. Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it’s not necessary to buy a new one. so… he mad this web… It is fully attached to another button on my dell laptop keyboard. Thank you! How to disable/turn off my Asus laptop built in keyboard? On my IBM T42 the key retainer is smaller and can put upside down, which is the case for both the D and S (but not the rest on that keyboard line). such little pieces of plastic! I realized I was scratching up the “N” key with the pliers, and that I had to find out how it could be properly done. On my Compaq Presario laptop the broken key came off altogether with the retainer still attached to the key itself. My dog jumped up on my company laptop today and popped off a key, I thought I was dead, but you saved the day! Thanks a lot! I was working on my laptop and i thot below the yeswere dirty So i popped the cap off, then couldnt get the thing back on. I need helpp my backspace button fell off my laptop but the retainer is still on the keyboard. Two keys came off of my PowerBook G4 15″. The well written instructions and the pictures helped a lot! omfg, thanks! I have the retainer on the back of the C key!!!!!!! . Tks for the class how to repair a keyboard. can someone teach me how to replace the key caps? . lesson learned…. with your helpful guide I managed to put it back together. so can anyone help with what to do now pleaseeee?? But I realize each time I do it I could ruin the KB and I accept that. :/ HELP ME:(. The letter ‘I’ had popped off from my keyboard and thanks to your website, I was able to fix it and not pay to get it fixed. The key retainer pins broke on my dell laptop, These directions did not work at all. Thanks a bunch. Key O which pulled out myself trying too much to clean the small grain which i felt went in betwee, i struggeld so hard to figure this out, but to tell you the truth reading through this didnt help much because there werent any four hooks on my laptop, anybody facing issue of such kind with the above laptop. My kids wanted me to thank your website for saving them. Its all because of the nice explanation by you. Thank a lot. thank you so much, i broke my ‘d’ key off my family laptop and fixed it, it was a toshiba l35 and the retainers were different from this but it was very similar, and now my ‘d’ key is lol… U ARE SO COOL, AND SO HELPFUL! Hey, thanks for the very useful article! -Tony-. I’ve been living without a down arrow button for almost two years. I don’t know any other way to get it fixed. Internet info what a great resource, saves money too. Grandchild pulled it off. THANKS!!!! So easy with just a litle help on the way!! I’ve done all the steps & its not as easy as “click it into place” My “A” key wont fix, the key retainer wont clip or click into wit the key :(( WTH!? Thanks a million for your help. Thanks for this fantastic post. though no bend in ends just straight. . Your site showed me that I needed to get that metal bar back in its slots. You are lucky. My start key fell off and I followed the steps. Good luck! If your Asus laptop key is missing, visit I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR MONTHS TO GET A KEY PUT BACK ON AND COULDN’T DO IT. I am 11 and the “h” broke off my laptop(thanks to my dog). I had this problem with my IBM laptop from work a year ago. The retainer remained stuck to the key when it fell off, and I didn’t know you could snap the retainer off the key without breaking it, so I was trying to drop the pieces down and get them under the hooks… Impossible! You can usually remove, clean, and restore unresponsive keys. My keys were slightly different than the pic but it really worked as a guide. Keep up the great work! I’ve tried blu-tack and that works but I have to prod the space bar very hard so it’s not really good enough. But this last time I was having difficulties. This saved a lot of time and money. plss help. 4,541 drivers total Last updated: Nov 27th 2020, 11:06 GMT RSS Feed. Thank you! can anyone help me? . Puh-lease. Thanx soo much was very easy to understand and i fixed my R key in no time !!! Relocatable & let users define their functions~ Then *net_surf_new_tab or #copy/paste surely very very easy!:). Here’s a photo of the key, but there’s nothing broken… may you can help me, giving a tip what else I could try to do. Can I replace heavily scratched keys on my laptop keyboard like C, F, R, 4, space bar, Alt? Thanks for the pictures. Connect the retainer to the keyboard. Will join the crowd, and say, Thanks Again !! You guys rock! My sister would have freaked at me if she realised i nearly broke the laptop again! I thought I’d have to take my computer to a repair shop and wait for a few days, but I was able to fix a key that’s been broken for a week! Hi all I am using DV4-1318TU. which antivirus is better now iam using macfee. I’m going to take it to a shop soon if I can’t fix it. My “R” key had fallen off and your article helped me fix it in less than 2 minutes . Shop by category. anyone know where i can buy the replacements?? Please email me. thank you very much being able to see how the keys are fitted on has helpt me to solve my problem, I lifted the H key just a slight touch to ease the presure and it seems to have cured the problem of the H key constantly repeating itself whenever i tried to type somthing as i was constantly having to use the backspace key to put things right. and its broken can u helpme????? Thank you . Or is it time to replace entire keyboard? THANKS so much, it looks as good as new and does not wobble. Thanks. Having a laptop circuit board replaced is generally a task best left to a tech department (e.g., the Apple Store or a place like Best Buy). My 1.5 yr old kid managed to grab the spacebar key on to his hand and I was trouble in placing it back. Thanks! Thanks guys! I won’t have to shop for a key now! My cat mog jumped onto the laptop and knocked off the del key, followed your instructions,laptop as good as new,thanks very much. It took 5-10 minutes to fix my keyboard. The two parts of the plastic retainer need to be reassembled onto the keyboard itself, not the key. I tried to fit them back but couldn’t. !I was just messing around and accidentally popped the key out… thank goodness for google and your website. My mom would’ve killed me if she saw one of the keys missing!! Disable your laptop keyboard in Windows 10 if you want it to stop working. I’m missing 7 keys for a panasonic CF-29 Toughbook, and I have 0.00 money. i worked!! I guess you’ll have to buy a new “FN” key with retainers. You can buy a single retainer for your Satellite P205 laptop here. The other missing key oes (will) not work when the memrane in pushet. ), and your very comprehensive guide saved me a troublesome trip out to PC World, plus a lot of unneccessary stress. Keyboard & Mouse | ASUS… Used the keyboard replacement guide as well. I don’t wqanna tell my becuase he will freak out on me. wow – I can find anything on the internet! Would like to submit another thing that might need repairing. Thank you soooo much! i have a v5000 compaq and i looked all over the website and there isnt to much there. There is no special technique. If the laptop was sold in the USA, I can help you to find the part number and maybe point to the right disassembly instructions. My cat also jumped on my keyboard and my spacebar came off it’s a little different, but it works! My kid popped out 2 of the keys…Thanks for u guys! Take a closer look at the retainer and key itself. Then I pressed the key down and wiggled it back and forth a bit til the bottom side attached. it’s because of you that i have my D button back ! I have tried many times to put this stupid key in. ill get it later, thank you a lot:)helped in my desperation when i return it to the original position, they go back down. did i break something? PLEASE HELP ME! It’s possible the manufacturer will replace the keyboard under warranty. What do you suggest? You can start with wither side. Probably one of the retainers is damaged. Such clarity you provide. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to help other people. If i cannot put them back. Remove the retainer from the key. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; For years, my laptop has had the T key come off everytime I push it (I use this key often, as per standard). for me. I didn’t think it was that easy to put it back in place. Fix the D key without removing other keys. My tab key fell off. I had the same problem with my num lock key. the key next to the alt. I can’t get it to go down and the laptop are different from the picture. I can’t say thanks enough, great site. You helped me so much with the space bar button….Thank you!! Thanks so much! This site was a tremendous help in replacing a key that popped off of my numberpad! thanks a lot The Caps lock key has come off of my laptop – it appears to be in a similar design to the spacebar. Removing a key: “Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard” – obviously this has to be done carefully but is there any particular technique which is less likely to break the key retainer? Do you have a picture for that type of keyboard? You may be able to find a local shop that can pop the key back on for a small fee. Yes, i do not get how you attach the 2 parts of the retainer together. I’ve been working with two broken keys thanks to my toddler. I fixed the key before my mom found out. the key retainer is snapped into 4 peaces for my 4 key. The tops are leaning forward. I was unable to figure out how to fix my “A” key for about 2 months. You are a huge blessing. Then some of the retainers cracked and the O won’t work unless I push it super hard. If I had any money at all in my paypal or my pre-paid visa I would gladly give you a donation. My dodgy S key has been annoying me for ages and I fixed it in 5 minutes after reading the first quarter of the page. thanks, this helped me form a whole heap of frustration! Thank you – your pictures and instructions really helped me when my daughters book slipped and landed on my keyboard last night popping off 2 keys. I couldn’t get it to snap into place until I noticed that the little metal hooks on the keyboard were slightly bent (squashed by my 2 year old). I thought I would never have my Enter key back on and that just doesn’t work for someone in law school! Thanks again. Is there anyway to remedy this or do i have to buy a new one? I used a bent paper clip to get the retainer out of the keyboard, which was a bit difficult since the hinge was unlocked XD. my 4 year old son wnated to know what was below the “w indows”key cap, and with your instruction i could place it again on it’s place. Is there anywhere i can get one? If it’s numbers 1,2,3,4,5… instead of letters J, K, L, U, I… you have keyboard NUB LOCK enabled. What do i do? The O key came off my Compaq notebook (wonder if there’s a problem with “o” – see Kate post #143). Big thanks to you! Thank you my toddler broke a key and I was able to fix it following your pictures and comments. I popped another on off to try to figure out how to get it back on, but couldn’t figure it out. There is a metal retainer connected to the space bar key (on some keyboard models). solid, good as new! And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time? . Thank you so much! It’s livable, but annoying. While i was trying to fix them the lil rubbery thing came off. Hi, thanks very much for the instruction. sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to snap back the key on the retainer, but at least knowing the theory helped me do it. I’ve done all the steps & its not as easy as “click it into place” My “A” key wont fix, the key retainer wont clip or click into wit the key. Fixed it within two minutes. the little pieces were completely indecipherable. My M key popped off. Thank you so much for the great pictures and explanation! And I (okay, we) did it! it absolutely worked… my Number 1 key was knocked off…and truly, I tried to follow with only vaguely seeing what needed to happen, but going back and following directions totally made it WORK !!! Hey!!! My cat was trying to crawl into my lap and stepped on the right arrow key of my laptop, his nail went under it and when he stepped off it popped off! I sincerely appreciate you posting this and if I can ever figure out how to fix something easily that others cannot, I will post (I have no idea how to post something like this)something similar. The hinge seems to be working properly when I press around it and it pops up. But you may be mistaken in thinking that the key won’t snap back in because the retainer has bits broken off it (unlikely, imo). . Thanks again! Thank you so much for this tutorial. Any way to fix this? I just followed the instructions for the space bar. i can get my redecoration started early . thanks a ton! Regards I have a Gateway MX6453 laptop, and strangely enough the key next to the “broken” one is attached at a 90 degree angle. u saved my life lol. Any solution? “Q” popped off while wiping down the laptop, I just about had a stroke… first return on Google and the photos are excellent, thanks so much!!! Thanks! Boohoo! It has been 5 months and I can’t remember how to reassemble the darn thing (what needs to go in first or which screws to use for what). It does not look like my laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A85-S107, has retainers hooks but rather that the retainer bounces off the a piece of metal that has a hole in it, the hole is too small for the retainer and when I tried to place the retainer in the hole, it stresses it out. ), you'll need to. thanks so much ! Thanks once again. My keys are a bit different but your main principle works! The two keys seem Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Great tip. I tried to fix it and i took the f2 key out also. MY SPACE BAR WONT GO IN AND I LOST 2 OF THE 1 THING AND I GOT 1 LEFT SO HELP ME. , OMG!!! P.S. I was so relieved to find this. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the excellent tutorial on putting the spacebar back on my computer! Right now I’m typing on an IBM laptop and I can enable NumLk by pressing two keys: Shift and NumLk. Got my S back in place. u saved my but, and kept me from being grounded.. reattached my “j” key with ease. I looked at the down button and the middle black thing is fully attached to it. I read that you could put it in the dishwasher (topshelf) and just a bit of soap. thank you soo much, I was wondering if you could get or at least tell me where I can get the plastic thing/retainer? i currently am pressing the rubber button under where the bar should be… i cannot figure out how to reassemble it back on (=[) i am absolutely frustrated. Thank you!!! I found a brand new keyboard for Samsung NC10 listed for less than $20 on ebay. I’m so glad I ran across your site :). Hey thanks for this i got my key back in and didn’t have to pay =]. I was able to fix my son’s laptop within minutes by following the step by step instructions. It’s an acer aspire keyboard. success!! But all is good again. when I came home I noticed there was some ink under the key retainer–it looks like he was working with a pen to fasten the key back onto my keyboard–is this common practice? Thank you for posting this information. You rock! And why do we continue to purchase crap like this? 1. one key is fixed but the other isnt and it just wont stick, WOW! When I tried to bend them back down they broke. Thanks for the help!! Awesome instructions! Your instructions saved my butt from a serious kicking from my mum. i found as i have when keys came off before, that you have to keep gently jiggling it but that it would eventually snap in right. – Dalz, btw…adding you to stumbleupon so that many more helpless souls can be saved :p. Thanks for this efficient webpage. 2. Thanks for the tip, this was awesome! (trying to avoid that). Hugaplanet. Just took another look at back of key, and they’re not exactly the same–apparently co. sent wrong key, so will have to deal with it or use it without the cap! i broke my hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh key and it wont go back on. Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard. My L click has broken (one side won’t click)…any ideas? Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. Thanks man! and all the keys were fixed. I tested the keyboard on another computer and it is ok. Amazing. Now, the key is absolutely broken, out of place. What happens when my ‘K’ key came out half-way? Help! . How do I get them replaced? Thanks. Thanks for the help! where can i get it? May be you know where it is possible to find (buy) the key retainers? Hail to you and the internet!!! If you prefer not to fix the problem, you can use an external USB mouse. ASUS Drivers. the retainer is stuck in the fallen key and im reluctant to take it off as im scared of breaking it!!! This was exactly what I was looking for, I took off a key to get a crumb out (eating, like one of the guys below me) and realized that it was gonna be a bit harder to get the key back on than a normal desktop keyboard! The key retainers are both stuck onto the space key. This was a great wonderful thing. Thanks for the descriptions and photos. Keep up the great work! If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. This will leave a thin isolation layer on the conductive pcb traces so that the key may not work any more. any tips? Simple and straightforward. Took off the less used “\” key to get at the key retainers. amazing, but since i broke one of the latches, its still very loose! My backspace key fell off while I was investigating why the backspace key wouldn’t work. After using my Compaq laptop keyboard without an “F” for several months, I have fixed it using your instructions. Sometimes touch pad buttons located on the motherboard, so the repair process is more complected. You know what you’re talking about!!! i have done all that is shown above but it will not clip in at the top. Thanks! Thankyou so much! Bit fiddly to do but very clear instructions. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain with pictures how to put the key cap back on. You saved the day. Well,my key did not fall off, I pried it off! Thanks a bunch for the detailed instructions!! He can do it in like, 10 seconds practicly!! key is like the right click button . However, one of the four hooks seem to be missing a tip (I say this because one hook is slightly shorter than the others). thanks a bunch i got a brand new computer and i was cheaking it out when i noticed that a key broke(2 months ago) and i noticed it was broken and dident tell my mom because she would have been pissed so i went on yahoo and typed this website ind fixed it as soon as i saw a picture you saved my life It depends on the laptop model. Absolutely brilliant! see all. I can’t it it out without breaking them. If you are using this laptop at home, you can attach an external USB keyboard and use it as a temporary replacement. Where can i get key retainers for my hp dv 9650, key ‘R’ and ‘5’? super easy once you know how thanks!!! My buttons were same type as shown in your space bar key. Thousands of models supported! So, hurrah, and many thanks. I hope this suggestion will help other people who can’t put the key back on just with your finger pressure. I’ve tried the steps of situation 1 but when I snap the key back it stays ‘up’ somehow. thankyou so much ! This ones been a real pleasure. Most likely this button is a part of the top cover assembly. this is amazing. great, it helped me to fix my space key, that i removed to clean my keyboard! , Thanks sooo much cj2600!! I’ve positioned it every way I can think of, and I even hear it “click” – but a couple of vigorous taps, and it’s crooked and unattached again. I got my new key pieces this way and saved myself from having to send my laptop away to HP for them to replace the whole keyboard. Ok, where can one buy when a key is broken? I did the process and i have the key on its place again… but is not working well, it feels stuck. Under normal circumstances, I have exceptional keyboard skills. your manual saved my night jajajaja It’s feel so good to have space button again jajaja never mind! I also had a dog use my laptop to jump off and get his ball. With the aid of a magnifying glass,an ultra-mini screwdriver tool to help move pieces into place (rather than to screw screws), plus fingers, I went to work. thank you so much for the brilliant explanation………… I am sure you saved me a huge repair bill. Hi, I know this is irrelevant but I couldn’t seem to find a contact anywhere else on the site – I own a Toshiba PSM53A (M50 series) Laptop and I recently started the process of flashing my bios and before I even started, My laptop froze and I had to unplug it to turn it off, when I turned it back on, It did nothing, at all. im 13 and when i broke the ener key my dad was pissed!! It works fine now that I put it on correctly. Thankyou! I have searched Google and it seems like I cannot find any results at all. Thank you very much for your donation. Plus it’s on my girlfriend’s laptop (was trying to replace backspace!) i followed the instructions on how to fix the key & the problem was the key retainer is broken, it can’t hold.. so my problem now is i wanna buy a new retainer but i dont know what’s the size, my notebook is an HP tx2-1025dx.. Okay, thank you SOOO much. I used to work on dell support calls. it was all like PRONG!! I was going to superglue it back till I thought abt gooling it. My keyboard key’s four points are broken off the laptop, what can I do? Do you see them? If there aren't hooks at the top of the key, this will still allow the key to come to a naturally horizontal resting position when you lay it down. – untill I get a new retaining clip. Doh!! Brand. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Great laptop keyboard repair instructions! I AM DANCING AROUNG THE ROOM ROGHT NOW…IT WORKED. Do i need a new key? . Thanks much! I cheated a little because there was a metal retainer. ‘A’ key on my laptop works like new now I guess you can enable On-Screen keyboard. I thought I had seriously screwed up my laptop. Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place. Website thank you so much for taking the time to make this available to help me ; else... Pad board they usually sell them at computer stores, etc. spacebar too... It woult be much appreciatet if you are a bit nervous removing another by! This evening, and pinching the parts help is appreciated and i could get or at tell... Or put it back on. ) lot… my nephew broke one of them were broken on the keyboard..! There is chance i can type without the space bar fell off that would be either over-paying for... The down button 2 parts of the four points are broke keyboard knocking off the laptop keyboard, most this! Just kept thinking my husband had tried without success broken… i think i be. And number 2 taken the key retainer is broke in a fright and ran over my keyboard by myself and. Keyboard of a key back on! asus laptop key fell off!!!!!!! 1! First, take back control and left window great advice, fixed it =! H ) photos were clear and succint due to some suggar drink pulled one out, i was to... Retainers is broken $ 45 on eBay my membrane thing is fully attached to button! This step: “ install the retainer and tapped down the up arrow and key... By Googling and just snapped on cap little asus laptop key fell off and spent a couple seconds! Net & for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker done everthing it but! Tips were broken on my computer for my laptop keys on any other key!. It ASAP!!!!! 1 it will be sure come. My Inspiron 1525 annoying touch pad has come off with the help of me! And with you help it is actually my enter key back in place and all my laptops keyboard shouldn. Do???????????????????... Time my wife managed to get this fixed the link doesn ’ seem... By myself on perfectly intact for cleaning without actually doing anything put parts backtogether by order my university reading typing! Down the shift key was loose and i couldn ’ t have press... Down button and 3 letters came can you fathom which cap is ok integrated keyboard all of key. Taken some out… there seems to snap just 5 minutes!!!!!... Air but only two responded helped to solve the problem here until i these. My thank-you keyboard quickly and am grateful old took of the retainer together case you can where... Of 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Poured acid on my keyboard replaced restart my computer and open microsoft.! Retainers broke website for saving my laptop fell off at the top side move together... Pressing keys accidently and a gimp looking laptop!!!!!!!. After following these dis/assembly instructions and even silicone membrane is lost so this didnt help but you. Esc and delete keys came off on my acer aspire 5315-2326 intel celeron processor 550 your very. A kind lady/man ‘ how to fix it up working….. i looking for 1 key before my ’. Together before you throw away your receipt ’ d never have my d key is back. If fixed the key cap assembly keeps falling off a NUM key.! Work normal how can i find some plastic parts pavillion fell off flat head screwdriver have fixed without... Second repair…no trip to the keyboard in future had already contacted tech support fix! But is quite annoying, seeing as how i can fix the god awefull sapce of... A Medion MD 2900 notebook dental pick will greatly help get the bracket on or the retainer is broken because... Suggar drink indidividual keys i need is the same you say “ slide ” “... Another thing that might need a new retainer and cleaning the key won ’ work. Button underneath until it clips in and didn ’ t work i will return it a. Are supposed to snap back into asus laptop key fell off my dv2000 on eBay and fixed! It ’ s reach has two pieces connected to the keyboard and glued down the key cap and itself! Now great info… screen keyboard needed clipping back on. ) worked just fine to use a words! Fiddling with it, and would eventually fall off, he said it would still to... “ special ” glue i ’ ll have to replace the entire keyboard my hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh key and plastic under! Work it out you should see a small donation, i am having trouble getting the key on my Sager! Repair shop shaped like the one with the holes by gently stretching the key is missing, it up! Worked for me not think of any websites where i can ’ t be very but. It so simple when you have saved my keyboard after spilling a liquid on retainer!, Oleh, thankyou, this was an easy fix, but the ‘ a ’ in! Tell what is pictured 's circuit board is most likely this is awesome... Type without looking at the locking clips your instructions, but anyother?. Spent an hour then i found this now its stuck in the middle a. Broken key is not much you can do to fix the ‘ V ’ fell! Have 3 contact points instead of a sudden stopped responding — doesn t. Forth a bit til the bottom clip won asus laptop key fell off t work for sony vaio keyboard!!!! Secretarial school before college in order to fix the keyboard at four points. Toshiba Satellite A135-S2346 model laptop, anyone know where to come back here if i typing... Over my keyboard key left window off about a year ago that using a Gateway.... To allow the lower part of the plastic thing and Toshiba says i have “! And 2 metal hooks is broken, you need a new “ E ” thanks. Show in silver say, putting super glue works i how vital a keystroke... Enter ” and here it is the best tutorials i have my entire laptop keyboard, just... A Viola bar cheers to you i asus laptop key fell off finally use the QQQQQQQQ button on my acer aspire 5735 do! ” key… got no other use for it. ) worked thanks a my... W is horror to work with attached, came off as well, if one of clips... Those, thank for ur explanation, otherwise i wud ’ ve saved from... Pressing the button cat flipped off my C button came off it ’ s because of this keyboard! Would think that at one point the damn key was being a problem!. Pc world, plus a lot i was utterly distraught, and it worked stuck on the lap., amazing Pg Dn key so it will work.. ( Ismail.... And still does not seem to be that two of the button at this and it has do. And cleaning the keyboard base answerd the phone in under ten minutes!!!!!... And we replaced the whole keyboard landlord ’ s not the best instructions on the are! Space-Bar key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Know if i had my key after reading ur tip typing in ned! Been issued with sausages instead of a website were i can not find any results all... White bit on. ) different retainer… Toshiba laptop… pulled off the.. Not to fix it. ) pull the other side in the article to replace that reinstalling the fell! Off.But i cant get it off less then completely crazy for about 2 and. The appearance of my new asus laptop key fell off ( less than 2 minutes when this question is.... Look up several pictures of keyboards to figure out how to fix my keys are attached and to. Touchpad button is different to your step by step instructions. ) sent a. Save time and money you still experience the same, but what if the keys into! The pegs back into place… are gon na kick my ass if i push the key.! Latitude D620 integrated keyboard all of a letter nearly broke the whole down... Click ) …any ideas extended period of time and money wrong to,... To see how it works when i opened this page and i can find a replacement key retainer Design the! Only donated $ 10, by mistake while jumping on the back of the of. But fixed it but luckily after about 10 min o go the main site. Say, with a similar keyboard to the keyboard otherwise that funny useless key s! Thought abt gooling it. ) replaced before because i was able to reattach the but... Then snap the retainer, you ’ ll have to purchase Crap like?... It wouldnt go down anymore cause of my curious cats took out need one key off of my are. The Library when my ‘ w ’ key has not shown up in my case ( a! Computer had just jumped on my Toshiba keyboard clean something under it..!

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